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・所有恒常課堂必須,5人成班。確保教學質素有限人數小班教學,新學生必須致電或Whatsapp 5309 9995 接受預約,恒常課堂滿額為15人 ,報名從速。

・believe yoga.wellness榮獲US Yoga Alliance美國瑜伽聯盟認證,為國際師資培訓及簽發認可資格證書的RYS ®瑜伽學院 及 RPYS ® 孕婦瑜伽學院。

・New yoga instructors trained by Ruby Cheung Yoga Teacher Trainer have started teaching classes. Can you support them and accumulate experience in yoga teaching.

・All regular classes are required with 5 students in each class. To ensure the quality of teaching, limited number of small class teaching, new students must call or Whatsapp 5309 9995 to accept an appointment. And regular classes are limited to 15 students, please sign up quickly.

・believe yoga.wellness was certified by US Yoga Alliance, RYS ® Yoga Academy and RPYS ® Pregnant Yoga Academy for international teacher training and issuing recognized qualification certificates since 2018.